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Our state of the art security equipment will give you & your family something that is very difficult to put an accurate price on: "Peace of Mind."

We offer sophisticated simplicity. Our security systems are designed and installed to provide you with the necessary tools needed to assure the ultimate in electronic security.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best security system. Our security specialist can explain the many features & options available to customize your system.

  • 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring is also available.


Tired of yelling for everyone to come to dinner, or to pick up the phone? With the Intercom System, you can call from any speaker in the room to all other speakers and the person can reply back to you.                                                  
Want to entertain yourself and your guests with music, or your favorite CD? These attractive systems offer a sleek, contemporary appearance with recessed wall mounted speakers and Master stations. You'll never be more than a few steps away from answering the door, monitoring a child's room, communicating to another part of the house, or listening to music. The radio intercom system plays your favorite radio station throughout the house. The system adds crisp, clean music on demand to any room. 

Our specialist will help you choose from a variety of brand names like:         
Linear, NuTone, AiPhone
, Intrasonic


Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies or asthma. Common household dust is one of the major causes, along with millions of microorganisms, including mold and dust mites, which 'live' in carpeting and other furnishings.

With their powerful motors, built-in central cleaning systems pull dust, dirt and allergens from the living environment more effectively than portable vacuums, trapping them within the filtration system of the power unit - away from the living environment. Keepng your home environment cleaner and healthier has never been easier.

A good Central Vacuum System, properly installed will be operating for the life of your house. All you have to do is insert a hose into any of the conveniently located inlet valves and begin vacuuming. The noise associated with conventional vacuums is eliminated. You are no longer dragging a clumsy portable vacuum around behind you or up the stairs.

Models include: MD Flo-Master and Honeywell  


If you love watching movies, television shows or if you've experienced wide screen and surround sound at the movie theater and you liked it; and if a TV set with a single built-in speaker does not adequately meet your audio or video entertainment desires, we can help. With a home theater properly installed, you can enjoy the movie theater experience in the comfort of your own home.

 Exceptional quality and performance from:
Pioneer, Sonance, Jamo, Polk


What you might spend on a stero system for one room can instead give you sound everywhere in and around your house. And be easier to use. And easier to live with.         

We provide a full line of indoor, outdoor & in-wall speakers finely crafted to provide the finest quality of sound everywhere in your home or office, and at the simple push of a button. Wherever you are, there can be music, or sports, or news.

A stunning sound from names like:  



Structured wiring includes wiring for multi-room video such as Cable TV, HDTV, and Satellite TV. It also includes communication wiring for Telephones and Computer Networking. Adding Multi-Room audio is also a popular add-on.

The whole purpose of installing a structured wiring system is to have the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of changing needs during the life of the house. Once the entertainment, communication, and computer equipment is installed to these wires, you will see its benefits.  

We install systems manufactured by:                                                   
OnQ, Open House, Leviton, Channel Vision


In today's turbulent environment protecting yourself is increasingly important. Whether protecting property, employees, customers, or loved ones, professionally installed security systems will meet your every need.